Could this be summer?

Finally feels like it.

Right now, I’m running head-first into the long weekend for a wedding and some time up north. Hopefully to relax. Completed two moves this week along with a significant amount of paper on the desk.

Maybe I’ll finally get to IMF vol 6: summer….. I have the list, just getting it down to the best number. But, to tie yourself over, enjoy this summer mini-mix from the UK’s Starsmith, a very up and coming producer who has the golden touch. Neon Gold tipped us to that mix, which features new and old, Little Boots to MJ, Destiny’s Child to Marina and the Diamonds. And Ellie Goulding as well, read on at Neon Gold and hear Starsmith doing Ellie doing Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.

Whew… out of breath here. See you soon.

Nothing Broke by Meursault

Who: Meursault from Edinburgh, Scotland.

What: New music from Meursault, a five song ep thats entirely acoustic. It was recorded live from the living room floor, packaged in hand-painted sleeves by the band. Purchase the EP here.

I came close to posting the song William Henry Miller Pt 1, as I sit here watching the band perform it live in a bandstand, just out of the reach of the pouring rain in Newcastle. It is the bands’ obvious pop song (with handclaps), but there’s something about that rain thats leading me to another song. Perhaps it was because I’ve been soaked twice this week. Both times while moving furniture. Glad I’m dry today.

Song: Nothing Broke.

New Videos on Friendly Fires, Wave Machines, Miike Snow, Deastro, Passion Pit

‘The Great Escape’ by The Rifles –

‘Punk Spirit’ by Wave Machines

‘Animal’ by Miike Snow

‘Wet Gold’ by The Octopus Project Video

‘Kiss of Life’ by Friendly Fires

‘Kurgan Wave Number One (Live @ KEXP)’ by Deastro

‘Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)’ by Lissy Trullie

‘Photoshop Handsome’ by Everything Everything

‘To Kingdom Come’ by Passion Pit

‘Ce Soir’ by Monogrenade

‘Ghosts’ by Silver Starling

‘Dancehall’ by Sean Bones

‘Burial’ by Miike Snow

A Miniature Tiger becomes Alvin Band and tells us of ‘Temple Pressure’

Alvin Band “Temple Pressure” from Travis Schneider on Vimeo.

Rick Alvin Shaier of Miniature Tigers has just finished his solo debut titled ‘Mantis Preying’ under the name Alvin Band.  A true testament of ‘unadulterated stream-of-consciousness musical exploration and an impressive investigation of bedroom recording’, these songs have many interesting parts that we’ve taken notice of.  Dense layers and complicated arrangements made from the constraints of ‘vocals only’ recording sessions.  Its kind of all over the place and completely together at the same time.

Mantis Preying, the first official release by Alvin Band, will be available in the US and on peer to peer networks everywhere on September 22th’ (in some cases earlier for bit torrent ninjas).  As well, the record includes a bonus 6 song EP from an earlier bedroom recording that has come to be known as Lady Portrait.

For fans of music somewhere in-between Brian Wilson and Animal Collective/Panda Bear.

Check out Temple Pressure.  Could this song have worked in Visioneers?

Weezer classics in 8-bit form

I recommend a good amount of this.

Check out Pterodactyl Squad‘s compilation of Weezer classics made from 8-bit sounds from your favorite old-school video games. This 14 song mix features such songs as In The Garage, Buddy Holly and El Scorcho (my favorite). Now leave it to Weezer to take notice and integrating it into their live show. Grab the whole album here.

Thanks for the tip, Kate!

This Blackest Purse by Why?

Who: Why? from Oakland, CA.

What: From the upcoming follow-up to the acclaimed Alopecia LP, here’s Why? with This Blackest Purse from the album Eskimo Snow. Perhaps these two records maybe should have been a double? Both were recorded at the same time, the former ‘delivering a tight set of intricate rhymes, live loops, slurred hooks and acerbic wit’ the latter ‘a sung, sobering take on mortality that unfurls in lush waves of Americana and pop-infused psych-folk’. The vision for two separate albums emerged on a snowed-in night after a hot toddy or two while in the studio.

Not quite sure if I’m ready for a winter record in this-poor-excuse-for-a-summer but I’m digging this song below.

Song: This Blackest Purse.