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Chris Budd is the founder/owner/editor of Toronto-based music blog Indie Music Filter and the president of music publishing/brokering company Bearsuit Publishing.

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Video: “All The While” by Barzin

Video: “All The While” by Barzin

“All The While” by Barzin, from the album To Live Alone in That Long Summer.  The video was directed by British filmmaker Jason Yeomans.  Barzin said, “I love the simplicity of the video he has made for “All the While.”  The video plays with the age-old metaphor of being weight down by something, and the desire to want to unburden oneself of this weight.  To unpack, to escape, to let go… what have you; these themes are all connected with this metaphor, and Jason ran with it and made something beautiful out of it.”

BARZIN – All The While from Barzin on Vimeo.

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Control Me

Control Me

Its been quite a long time since I’ve had a post here about Victoria, BC songwriter Kandle Osborne (aka Kandle).  Following up on her debut EP, Kandle will soon release In Flames; an album co-produced by Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene) and Neil Osborne (54-40) featuring collaborations with Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate) and Sam Roberts.  In In Flameswe’re to expect a “dark, etherial consciousness” with haunting vocals, insightful lyrics, and spooky melodies.  

Her first single was “Demon“, but I’m drawn to #2, the song “Control Me”.

Take a spin.