Before you send me anything, PLEASE, first do a little research on the kinds of music I post on Indie Music Filter and decide whether your music is in that ballpark.  Does your music sound like a band I’ve posted on IMF?  Does it fit in the genres I generally post in?  Then:


chris at indiemusicfilter dot com (don’t send mp3’s, send links to download stream mp3’s)

Getting Your Music To Me:

-try an e-mail with a soundcloud or bandcamp link, a little bio on you, links to videos, and links to stream/download your best songs.

-I prefer getting albums digitally. Try yousendit or dropbox.  But honestly, stick to the first option of sending one song.  I’d only download an album when I dig the first track.


-e-mail me more than one mp3 in an e-mail

-mail me your CD

-add me to your newsletter list, unless I sign up myself.  

-follow up with me to often, or get mad that you never heard back from me. I get a ton of e-mail, all of which it I check, but don’t have time to write a response for. Chances are if you haven’t heard from me or see a review of your music, its probably not my thing.


-send me awesome music

-send me new content

-show me that you’re doing something different, yet something that would still fit with what I post on Indie Music Filter.

-If I post about your track, consider returning the favour with a tweet or share on Facebook.