**Updated Jan. 2015**

Before you send me anything, please first do a little research on the kinds of music I post on Indie Music Filter and decide whether your music is in that ballpark.   Does your music sound like a band I’ve posted on IMF?  Does it fit in the genres I generally post in?  Then:

Getting Your Music To Me (Bands):

Try an e-mail with a soundcloud or bandcamp link, a little bio on you, links to videos, and links to stream your best songs.

Getting Your Music To Me (Labels, Publicists, Management Companies, etc):

Send me an e-mail to briefly pitch me your band/artist.  If its a good fit for my site, I’ll get in touch and we can go from there.  Please don’t just subscribe me to your e-mail newsletter.


Don’t attach mp3s in your e-mail.

Follow up with more than once.  I still get a ton of e-mail, all of which it I check, but don’t have time to write a response for.  If you haven’t heard from me or see a review of your music, your music is not a good fit for the site.


-send me awesome music

-send me new content

-show me that you’re doing something different, yet something that would still fit with what I post on Indie Music Filter.

-If I post about your track, consider returning the favour with a tweet or share on Facebook.

Also, as the tagline on the front page indicates, this blog is about new music discovery.  I typically don’t post tour announcements, gossip or music outside of the genres you’ll hear on the blog.

Ready to send me music?  Send me some links at indiemusicfilter at gmail dot com.  Note: This is the only e-mail to send music related e-mails.  Content sent to my old e-mail account will be flagged and deleted.