chris Chris. @indiemusicfiltr

Chris Budd works in music publishing (as the owner of Bearsuit Publishing) and music blogger (the owner/editor of Toronto blog Indie Music Filter). He also has the innate ability to balance unbelievably large objects on his face.



Lior. @liorphillips

Lior Phillips doesn’t particularly like pie, but seems to dabble in many with growing fears of actually becoming one, some day. Based in Cape Town, South Africa she is a Freelance Wardrobe Stylist & Writer with a firm base in Brand Consulting. There are so many other-wordly bands out there she so often feels it unfair to have only been granted one set of ears. A stickler for detail and a lover of all things that are drastically oversized or undersized (E.G XXL mugs & travel size toiletries) her fixation with fantasy/sci-fi novels live on the same trajectory as her fixation with the world of music – both move and whirl vividly in her imagination; a fitting and introspective backdrop.

rita Rita. @rita_ita

Rita is a PhD student at King’s College London, doing research on the relationship between international investment law and cultural rights. Despite this (now 10-years long) path in law, her real passions are music, photography, fashion and cooking. She is a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, probably because her parents fed her too much of that cake that makes people be too small or too big for a certain place and time (or so she believes).

heather Heather. @heatheradamo

Heather Gardner is a Toronto-based music supervisor (Vapor Music) who spends her days finding and licensing the best of the world’s music for television, film, advertising and video games/new media. By night, Heather can be found feverishly designing future homes on Pinterest, planning her next great theme park vacation, questing to find the best bubblegum ice cream, and relaxing with her hubby and cocker spaniel rescue, Gozer (yes, that is a Ghostbusters reference!).


Sam.  @SamVealYall

Sam Veal is a film worker, freelance writer, and music enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. He has worked in production with several major studios, such as Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and Disney. He also spends time as a writing and editing consultant. While not working, he spends his time watching/playing soccer, cooking new things, and ineffectively trying to comb down the front part of his hair.

lenore Lenore.  @AudCollective

I’m Lenore Melo, 21-year-old Los Angeles native who is currently working towards a degree in graphic design. Although, music is my inherent passion. But aside from consuming myself with doing anything music related, except actually making music (I know; soon!), I’m a hoarder of interests, a fashion enthusiast, and a pug owner. Oh, I also run an independent music blog, Auditory Collective (


Interested in Contributing to Indie Music Filter? 

I’m always looking for new blood to bring into the site, especially now another Toronto-based contributor.  I’m seeking a follower of the blog, who really has a good idea of the types of music we cover here.  Get in touch.