Liu Bei – “Infatuation”

Well that does it.  We all know those days too well, the ones where any type of music, food or book is simply incapable of hitting any spot.  Yes?  Well, that was today’s tale until Liu Bei arrived in my inbox from dear friends over at Transgressive Records.  Perhaps the slow-burning vocals from the frontman embodies the title of the track “Infatuation” with a perfect kind of sonic synergy, or that the subtlety of their songwriting feels genuine enough to stick, make me replay the track, feel all the feels and then beg for more.  Throughout, he paces through the motions of being enamoured in another being – and he seems to explain it with the sort of passionate lust inherent in singer-songwriters who rise above their peers.  In their bio they’ve referenced Mazzy Star and one of my most personal favourites Cocteau Twins – of which I agree to some extent – the spirit of both these bands is certainly present here.

How exciting!  Feel all the feels with me…  You may just get a little infatuated with the song, and for that – i’m not sorry one little bit.