New Music From Saintseneca, “Sleeper Hold”

I’ve been in the middle of hosting upgrades this week for the blog (and 7 other sites that I take care of for family and friends), so I had to take a bit of a hiatus in posting songs until I got everything settled in its new spot.  I’m no expert on this kind of stuff, but I seem to learn a little bit more each time, so I think we’re good?  Can you see this post right now?  Hopefully it’s loading well and you’re able to hit play on Saintseneca‘s brand new tune “Sleeper Hold”.

The Columbus band hope to follow the success of last years’ Dark Arc, with their third record Such Things.  “I was pushing myself with Such Things to try to explore the pop motif further, to try to use and bend that formula of having a groove, a beat, locking in and using that as scaffolding to build a song,” lead singer Zac Little says of the album. “And even though it oftentimes might seem like this singular vision, at the core my creative strategy for the band is one that inherently involves other people. I think the best work I’ll make involves working that way.”

Take a spin of “Sleeper Hold”.