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On My Radar: Cults, Here We Go Magic, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

cults abducted

Going to try something a little different with this column, mainly using a few more images to break up the post.  The goal of this post remains the same though.  Its me pointing you towards a few things you should hear and see.  Hope you dig.


Cults have an amazing new video for “Abducted”, over at p4k tv.  Great companion for the track.

chrome cavities

Here’s the first official video from Fredrik‘s third album Flora. Inspired by early motion picture magicians like Stan Brakhage, Harry Smith, Isidore Isou and Viking Eggeling, it features an abstract take on Palm Shadowplay using “a vintage British overhead projector, an off-white canvas, scissors, paper, 8 hands and a fishtank full of flammable liquids”.  Found at iamnosuperman.

Fredrik – Chrome Cavities from lindefelt on Vimeo.

yours truly

Basia Bulat performs a new song called “It Can’t Be You” on

song in three

p4k has a new track for Here We Go Magic, a song called “Song In Three” from The January EP, a collection of outtakes from the album Pigeons.

hunger song

We’re getting first listens today from Queensland, Australian band The Middle East of their new track “Hunger Song” (over at Dailybeatz).  Quite a bit more upbeat from last year’s sombre grower in “Blood”, “Hunger Song” arrives before the self produced full length LP entitled I Want That You Are Always Happy on July 12.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are offering up another taste of their upcoming LP Something Corporate at Paste magazine.  Check out “Skeletons“.  Found at MFR.

two door cinema club

Big fan of this remix, check out Two Door Cinema Club’s remix of the Young The Giant song “My Body” over at Tympanogram.


Horsecollar needs your help.  A while back I briefly mentioned that I was liking the track “Christopher”.  Now, he’s using Kickstarter to try and raise funds to manufacture a “7 inch, for those songs on bandcamp.  Check it out.

Polaris 2008 Short List Announced

Here it is.

Black Mountain – In The Future
Basia Bulat – Oh, My Darling
Caribou – Andorra
Kathleen Edwards – Asking For Flowers
Holy Fuck – LP
Plants And Animals – Parc Avenue
Shad – The Old Prince
Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War
Two Hours Traffic – Little Jabs
The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour

SXSW ’08: Friday

The quietest day musically for me.

I started the day behind the Four Seasons Hotel for the BMI Brunch. ** A note to hungry SXSW goers: this party is full of an amazing buffet and no one checks the rsvp list to see if you are on it. You can wander in from all sides, grab a plate and start filling in that hole in your stomach that was filled with beer from the night before. I feel sorry for the artists that were performing. Not only were people too preoccupied with their breakfast burritos, the wind was blowing over the stage!

After we had eaten, drank our first two drinks of the day and lay in the grass for a while, we headed to Flatstock, a yearly tradition for me and one of the coolest things happening at this festival. I dropped $100 USD, $60 of which was souvenirs.

I jumped over to the Brush Square for the Australian Party, The Vines were on the stage. Playing their classics like ‘Get Free’ and ‘Ride’, I felt as if I was transported back to the early 2000’s. Still to this day, Ride is one of my favorite music videos. Rent a gym, invite all the local bands in town to learn your song and have everyone play together. Love how the drum part out of the guitar solo looks with all the drummers in formation.


I jumped into a car to find one of the +1 parties. This company was throwing a bunch of parties that week, two days earlier they denied my request to attend the Playboy party they were throwing. I headed to Hank Sinatra’s to see if I could get a chance to see The Morning Benders. Our timing was off, we missed them but managed to down a couple beers from the keg. And I watched my friend Jon get ‘boned’ by a guy named Matthias from New York (by boned, I mean having a chicken bone tossed off his leg on its way to the garbage can). Jon’s a vegetarian. He took it pretty well considering. Couldn’t even tell you who we saw perform though. Things were starting to get hazy.

We headed to the NXNE/Manitoba Bar-b-que afterwards for Canadian Beer, more bar-b-que meats and probably every Canadian who was down in Austin. Basia Bulat was great, The Choir Practice had problems quieting the crowd, Grand Analog were solid as well.

I spent my night at either Stubb’s or Maggie Mae’s (M for Montreal /Great Escape Showcases). Got a chance to see MGMT, who I thought were good. I got a sense that these guys were rushed into this biz we call music, and that the live show wasn’t quite top notch yet. The songs are though. Anytime I play Electric Feel I get people asking who these guys are.

Sia also performed at Stubbs. I had a moment when she sang Destiny. The headliners that night was N.E.R.D. Not my cup of tea but an amazing show nonetheless.

btw, headbands and mustaches are totally in right now.

Hottest Canadian Bands, 2007 edition

Head to I (heart) Music to see who was voted in the top 33 hottest bands in Canada (hottest meaning as best, most hyped or most popular. interpretation was up to the voter). A big list of bloggers, writers and music industry people who are keeping an eye on whats going on.

Here’s what I sent in.

1) Caribou

2) The Arcade Fire

3) Patrick Watson

4) Miracle Fortress

5) Wintersleep

6) Sunset Rubdown

7) Basia Bulat

8 ) Kevin Drew (**only choice of mine that didn’t make the top 33)

9) Handsome Furs

10) Besnard Lakes

I always find it hard to make a list like this every year because inevitably I forget a couple names. ie. I forgot the #1 choice, you know, that girl from the ipod commercial?

Something About Wolfe Island

I know it, this is going to be my favorite festival to go to ever summer….. its not just the bands (Wolf Parade, Holy FucK, Apostle Of Hustle, Born Ruffians, and more) and the low ticket price. Maybe the purple bandanna I was wearing that day was too tight, or the sun and booze combination. Something about that island, it held some indescribable vibe.
The pieces.

–the ferry ride over was windy. I had a perfect opportunity to dry all of my back sweat (from the drive in leather seats) by angling my right sleeve to the exact angle into the wind
–we found the perfect camping spot, right in the middle of a field of dandelions. as soon as the tents went up, we hit the smuggled-in booze right away
–i witnessed a horrible fight between two dogs, an angry medium-sized dog (who we later named Barbaric) clamped his teeth down on a Shitzu’s neck, tossing the dog wildly in the air. it was horrible. happy ending though, the fight was broken up and both dogs were fine.
Basia Bulat was really great to see live, finally. Really talented singer.
–I balanced a unicycle on my chin (which I realized in hindsight was a horrible idea….)
Born Ruffians made people get on their feet
–it was incredibly easy to bring mixed drinks into the concert area.
Weeping Tile re-united for this show. Was great to hear those songs again.
Apostle Of Hustle finally got me as a fan (it took three tries…)
–everyone was so relaxed and laid back
Holy Fuck got everyone dancing
Wolf Parade treated us to some new material (including a 12 min song….)

Head over to Chromewaves to hear his take.Wolf Parade