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MGMT Material


It was a quick look before. Here’s more of a story about MGMT.

Also known as The Management, MGMT is the name for Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden of Brooklyn. After forming the band at college and touring to support their initial EP Time To Pretend, people took notice. The band started opening for Of Montreal. Sony wanted in. Four albums worth. Currently, their on the road with Fiery Furnaces, Toronto date in a couple days.

Here’s the anthem Time To Pretend. If you check their myspace, you’ll hear the new version for the Sony release. I like the old version from their old label Cantora Records. Reminds me of a mix between TV On The Radio and Maps.

For those of you who feel like dancing, look for Electric Feel off Oracular Spectacular (Oct ’07), a song that really reminds me of the Scissor Sisters fronting Shout Out Out Out Out.

Check out the video here or below. Apparently, you can download a zip file from this site and remix your own video by moving your cursor on different parts of the screen as the video plays.? Couldn’t get mine to work.


Beats, Breaks and Culture

Some of the best stuff going on in Toronto this summer happens down at the waterfront, and its free.? This weekend, The Harbourfront Centre presents “Beats, Breaks and Culture“.

Today, there will be DJ’s playing all day, tonight the big show is Montreal’s electronic trio Plaster opening for Edmonton’s infectiously danceable Shout Out Out Out Out.? That is going to be one huge outdoor dance party….

Tomorrow’s an Upper Class day, performances by The Cansecos, The Russian Futurists and another Edmonton native, Cadence Weapon.

Paul Simon (video) by The Russian Futurists

Shout Out Out Out Out live (video) at the Fader Party

Shout Out Out Out Out

Kudos to the Shout Out Out Out Out for trying to make a Toronto audience dance dance dance dance.

Stereotypically, the Toronto audience is made up of people standing with the arms crossed in front of them, with their head cocked slightly left or right, to indicate analysis. We generally won’t show too much upper body movement, maybe a slow sway back and forth. If any movement, we tap our feet on the ground.

I found it hard not to move to this band. They are a band with two drummers, multiple bass players, keyboards, synths, samplers and vocoders. They are from Edmonton on a label called Normals Welcome. Sounds like Air on crack with electro. They’d be a good fit with the Juan Maclean. Really fun live show show show show.

Check out the tune ‘Tiiired‘ off their first debut EP. More coming soon.

Shout Out Out Out Out

Canadian Music Week Picks

Here are my picks for the festival. Make sure you check out for more details or pick up an eye mag.
Wednesday, March 1st:

Thursday, March 2nd:

Friday, March 3rd:

Saturday, March 4th:

To do all these shows, you need a time machine, and those warps from Mario Brothers.