the mary onettes

We Now Have A Podcast

I figured why not? It’ll be a monthly podcast featuring 6-7 of the best songs we featured that month on the blog. As I get better at making them, I’ll be sure to sound more exciting and entertaining in the audio snippets between the songs. In episode one, I seem uninterested. In reality, I was just trying not to mess up my lines.

Episode 1 features: Ivan & Alyosha, School of Seven Bells, Winter Gloves, City Light, Dan Mangan and The Mary Onettes.

You can subscribe to it here. We’ll let you know when it makes it to the iTunes store. It is in the iTunes store.

What Am I Doing Now??


-still catching up.

-downloading Creatures by Modernage. Reminds me of The National doing Joy Division. Check out the Sirhan Sirhan EP.

-putting together a song pitch for a movie

-thinking about what tomorrow night’s Band Of Skulls Toronto show might be like? Heard of them yet? Check iTunes free download this week (US and Can from what I can tell). It’s called I Know What I Am and somehow makes me think its Black Mountain doing a Franz Ferdinand track.

-stopping by YANP for a quick listen of Gliss. Like it.

-scratching a spider bite? wtf?

-checking out Conor Oberst’s new single Nikorette. Never been the biggest fan of the next Bob Dylan, but I’d throw this tune on a road trip playlist. Look for a documentary about him and his band.

-remembering Stellastar* while listening to their new song ‘Graffiti Eyes‘, set to launch as a single (April 20th), air on Gossip Girl that night, then ramp up to a new album (July 7th). Its on their myspace.

-looking at the snow on the ground.

-realizing that Cars by Now, Now Every Children has really grown on me. Glad I don’t delete everything I don’t get right away.

-liking those keys in Dare by The Mary Onettes. Labrador is putting out their first single in two years on the 29th.

-surfing Said The Gramophone to hear Sister Suvi’s Golden.

-tapping my foot while Lissvik‘s remix of Fever Ray‘s ‘When I Grow Up‘ plays in the background. Find it at Pasta Primavera.

-rocking out to Alan Wilkis‘s remix of Phoenix‘s ‘1901‘. Expect a new EP (Pink and Purple) around late May. Check him out on myspace.

-embedding the EulogiesAnonymous‘ Widget. Check it out.