Video: “Young Rut” by PAPA

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Back in June we featured the single “Young Rut”, taken from PAPA‘s debut full length album entitled Tender Madness (out October 8th). The LA Indie Rockers who are currently on tour with Cold War Kids, have just released the video and although it covers familiar themes evident in other current bands’ videos (laundromat, live band performance and a love story) it is, like the song, original enough to get my attention. We’re initially introduced to the lead singer perched comfortably behind the drum kit belting away.  ORIGINAL?  Well yes.  It’s hard not to be impressed by the bands’ cohesiveness as it is, so when we’re then treated to a little meet-cute gallivant between a custard yellow shirt and a pair of jeans, the attention remains.  They runaway from the laundromat together and experience the city holding, err, hems? Button-up and give it a watch below…

pixel Video: Young Rut by PAPA