“Take Me Home” by Germany Germany

germanygermany Take Me Home by Germany Germany

The cure for some recent inbox staleness.  Check out the official video for “Take Me Home“, a track off of Germany Germany‘s forthcoming album “Adventures”.  Germany Germany is Victoria, BC artist/student Drew Harris and this track is a taste of whats to come off the 17-track Cassette, available mid May for $5  via Bandcamp, pre-orders will start on May 1st at distorteddisco.com.

This video is comprised of clips from Marsmädchen, an independent film from Germany-based filmmaker Sophia Emmerich, featuring an almost-exclusively Germany Germany soundtrack. Marsmädchen is Sophia’s first full-length film and was filmed in Freiberg, Germany.

If you’re in Vancouver, check out his headlining show April 23rd at the Cobalt.

Germany Germany – Take Me Home (official video) from Germany Germany on Vimeo.