Current obsession: thinking of ways for me to tell you about great bands.

The latest way? The Indie Music Filter Weekly Newsletter.

Sounds a lot more involved than it actually is. I found a great service at MailChimp (btw, the tech support people call each other Chimps) that handles RSS to Email subscription lists. If you subscribe, every Friday at 4pm est you’ll get an e-mail from IMF with the most recent posts I’ve posted on the blog that week, in a condensed form (see screenshot below). Its easy to subscribe/unsubscribe and I think it is a good solution for anyone that forgets to visit the site any given week. Best thing about it for me? I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY EXTRA WORK. Which means I can spend more time finding bands and songs for you.

If we get some action going on it, maybe I’ll do some giveaways or something.

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imf newsletter2 Indie Music Filter Now Has A Newsletter!