7 Year Itch: The Abramson Singers

the abramson singers

We can thank tendonitis for bringing us The Abramson Singers.  A few years back, singer-songwriter-guitarist Leah Abramson of folk band Dyad developed tendonitis in her wrist  and wasn’t able to play guitar, so she borrowed an 8-track and started recording a cappella vocal pieces.  The result is a side-project turned primary focus, a mesmerizing indie-folk noir self-titled album on White Whale Records (February, 2010) that showcases Leah’s glorious vocals in arrangements of up to eight-part harmony.

The Abramson Singers perform on Saturday, June 18th as part of the White Whale Records 7-year-itch B-Day party during NXNE.

Here’s “Fool’s Gold“.