Currently Listening To: Two Door Cinema Club, Bear Hands, Airship

Above, that’s Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club performing an acoustic version of their latest single ‘Undercover Martyn’.

Bear Hands // “What A Drag” from Cantora Records on Vimeo.

‘Finishing up their debut full length album, Bear Hands will be promoting What A Drag along with songs from their previously self released debut, The Golden EP and boasting new material across the US nationwide this February leading up through SXSW’. You can download the track ‘What A Drag’ from their website, along with a remix and a song called ‘Can’t Stick Em’.


I spent some time today at IGIF and am digging into what they were recommending these days, and was delighted with Airship. Four-piece from Manchester, UK with some great tunes. This year they’ll be putting out a debut LP as well as dates with Editors. Check out the killer track ‘Algebra’ (below), which before this song was only really a killer subject.