A Miniature Tiger becomes Alvin Band and tells us of ‘Temple Pressure’

Alvin Band “Temple Pressure” from Travis Schneider on Vimeo.

Rick Alvin Shaier of Miniature Tigers has just finished his solo debut titled ‘Mantis Preying’ under the name Alvin Band.  A true testament of ‘unadulterated stream-of-consciousness musical exploration and an impressive investigation of bedroom recording’, these songs have many interesting parts that we’ve taken notice of.  Dense layers and complicated arrangements made from the constraints of ‘vocals only’ recording sessions.  Its kind of all over the place and completely together at the same time.

Mantis Preying, the first official release by Alvin Band, will be available in the US and on peer to peer networks everywhere on September 22th’ (in some cases earlier for bit torrent ninjas).  As well, the record includes a bonus 6 song EP from an earlier bedroom recording that has come to be known as Lady Portrait.

For fans of music somewhere in-between Brian Wilson and Animal Collective/Panda Bear.

Check out Temple Pressure.  Could this song have worked in Visioneers?