Damn, now I gotta find a new name

I received a letter in the mail yesterday addressed to Chris Budd at Indie Music Filter. Normally, when I receive mail its a CD from a band, manager, label or promotions company.

This piece of mail was a simple white envelope with a letter inside.

Years ago when I named this site, I settled on Indie Music Filter because I thought it summed up what I planned on writing about here. Indie Music, sure. A filter? I’d like to think so. I have other filters that help me find great music out there, without having to sort through the pages and pages of crap.

But I soon realized that my site abbreviated was IMF, which you might know is also the name of this organization. Seems as if they actually noticed me on this internet and the letter I received was a cease-and-desist order.

I thought for a minute it might be kind of fun to go up against Bruce Cockburn’s least favorite international entity, but I’ve got no resources here to fight this.

So, why don’t we run a contest. Make a comment here on what you think the site should be called. I’ll pick the best one at the end of the week.