Andrew Bird

Two weeks ago while in Vancouver, I found myself in the rain in search of Vancouver’s best record store, Zulu Records. I had this image in my head of what the store was like from countless phone calls, making ‘tracking’ calls to retails stores at my day job in ’06. I hated that part of the job. But generally, I enjoyed talking music with whoever picked up the line at Zulu.

There were great records everywhere. I picked up something I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, Andrew Bird‘s Armchair Apocrypha. Born in Chicago, Andrew starting playing violin at an early age. After years of classical training and developing an early ear for music, Andrew’s come into his own as a talent multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and live performer. Live, expect to see a live show full of violin, guitar, glockenspeil all manipulated and repeated by mastered use of looping effects pedals. And like most birds, he’s a great whistler.

Check out this video of Andrew on La Blogotheque, the song is Spare-Ohs.

One thing I can say about the record is that I listen all the way through.? So either there is no weak songs, or its got good flow.? Either way, its worth checking out.

Here’s Heretics, but go looking for Plasticities and Simple X. More can be found on his myspace page. I’ve already posted this, but check out Simple X live at Bonnaroo with Martin Dosh.

Andrew Bird