What am I doing?

I’m catching up.


-Streaming Kingdom of Rust, new album from Doves (myspace).

-Watching the new videos on IMF.tv (Silversun Pickups ‘Panic Switch’, Phoenix with Lisztomania on SNL, Tongue / Bye Bye and Golden You by Ryland Bouchard on La Blogotheque, and ‘Harmless Lovers Discourse’ by Odawas).

-Sniffling a little bit, but not spinning anymore.

-Writing about Efterklang.

-Digging The Faux Noise, check out Oh Father (Hymn).

-Liking the track ‘Diamonds To Shake‘ from one half of The Black Keys in Drummer, check MOKB for more.

-Working on a post about Peter Broderick.

-Letting you know there will be an Azeda Booth post on this page in a couple minutes.

-Promising Jesper he’ll hear about The Juan Maclean. soon.

-Listening to Jeremy Enigk‘s new track ‘Mind Idea‘ from Stereogum.

-Watching Low vs Diamond run their fingers down the street in ‘Don’t Forget Sister’.

What are you doing?