Press For Prints: DKNG Studios

dkng studios

Trust your friends.

One of mine recently took a trip to Toronto to speak on a panel that the Songwriter’s Association of Canada was putting on about licensing music to television and film.  While couch surfing at my apartment, we started talking about the poster collection in my hallway.  That’s how Rebecca turned me on to the amazing work of DKNG Studios.

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman were both drawn to music and design at an early age, but didn’t combine their talents until 2005 when the duo founded a design studio with the goal of fusing these two creative avenues. The pair has found a niche in linking a personal and unique aesthetic to the world’s most talented musical artists.  With dynamically different skill sets ranging from fine art to film production, Dan and Nathan bring diverse talents and artistic perspectives to every project.  Their work includes packaging, apparel, web design, photography and many forms of print including hand silk-screened posters.

Do yourself a favour and check out their store.

dkng studios