Jewish Legend

I heard a while back that Josh Reichmann from Tangiers had made a solo record, but never took a moment to listen to what it sounded like. Now that I’ve become more familiar with his project (called Jewish Legend) I’m overwhelmed with interest.

These might be the most interesting songs I’ve heard in a while. Combine tubas, saxophones, gongs, guitar, piano and drums and you’ll get an idea of what was used to make the music off Telepathy Now!, released two months ago by Baudelaire. The album had help from Jon McCann on drums (Guided By Voices, Nassau) and was co-produced by Ian McGettigan (Joel Plaskett, Camouflage Nights) who also played on the record.

I keep thinking Destroyer, maybe Swan Lake, when I hear Josh sing. You tell me. I’d love to get some comments on this post.

Take a listen to Chest Weights. For more, go to the myspace page and listen to Leathery Leash Friday, probably the poppiest track of the bunch that I’ve heard.

Check out Jewish Legend tonight at the Ukula Store for their Winter Issue Magazine Party. Love Kills will also be playing a set. Doors at 9pm. 492 College St. at Bathurst (Toronto).

And its FREE.

Jewish Legend