Currently Listening To: Absolutely Free

I’m posting this from the front seat of Toyota Camry, crawling up the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto, heading for the 404 highway north to cottage country.  I’m spending the weekend throwing a bachelor party for my older brother and today I’ve been making some playlists for when we inevitably end up down at the dock, drinking cold ones and listening to tunes.

Guaranteed to make the cut is the song “Beneath The Air” from Toronto band Absolutely Free.  This is the first single from the bands’ upcoming self-title debut album (out October 14 on A&C).  A dazzling suite in eight movements,  Absolutely Free, finds the three piece honing and expanding their sound, all the while integrating new analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, and wisps of Bollywood and Krautrock.

Take a listen to “Beneath The Air”.