Lorine Chia – “Strange Fruit” (Billie Holiday Cover)

Lorine Chia has presented us with her rendition of ‘Strange Fruit’, by the Great Billie Holiday.  The original originated from an anti-lynching poem written by Abel Meeropel in 1939 which spotlighting notions of racism during that era, in the Southern most parts of America.  Of course I can chew your eyes off with my ramblings as a fan whose words fail her but cheeks redden when speaking about Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.  But!  Despite who and where they were, they enhanced music, didn’t they – by becoming exponentially influential beyond the confines of ‘Time’ and ‘Culture’.  They continue to breathe through various genre’s, where even Kanye and his Yeezus have sampled Nina’s version of this song.

To cover is one thing, but to cover a Great is a whole other feat.  Lorine has weaved in the strength and uniqueness of her voice with time-stopping melodic changes and additions. The lonely piano slicing through makes this a cover that has become in of itself a respectful version.