It feels good to be back on the site, as its been just over a week since I’ve been able to publish a post.  My life changed significantly on Wednesday (Canada Day in fact) when my daughter Chloe came into the world.  It was a challenging road towards the birth, but we all pulled through a little exhausted, but incredibly excited for the new chapters that are opening up in front of us.

One of the many things I’ve been excited to be a father for is opening up her world to all these great musical explorations I’ve gone on in the last ten years of publishing this site.  We’ll be using the archives as our road map as we start listening to music together.

In those nights spent in the hospital waiting last week,  I kept putting on Favela‘s “Future Visions” EP (out on Transgressive Records imprint paradYse) while I thought of those future times and wondered if she’d love this artist’s music as much as I do.  Well, she’s listening to Favela‘s newest track “Blinker” right now, but it’s really tough to tell if she likes it or not.  Time will tell (and I’ll keep putting it on).

Oh, and you’re now taking music recommendations from a Dad.  Don’t worry, I don’t think it will affect my ability to find great new artists.  It just means my jokes are now going to get a lot cornier.

Or, just put on the 3 song EP.