New music from Riceboy Sleeps ‘Boy 1904’

Several years in gestation, the Riceboy Sleeps project was first conceived as an outlet for Jonsi and his boyfriend Alex’s visual art, resulting in the highly covetable 1,000 limited edition A6 book, printed in Iceland to highly exacting spec. Gallery shows and video installations followed, and with them the creation of the first dream-like soundscapes towards what would become this album.

Recorded at home in between Sigur Ros commitments, the music took shape slowly, and suffered a near fatal set backwhen when the computer on which it was all stored was dragged from the kitchen table in the days before Apple had magnetic power leads. Fortunately some nifty and painstaking keyhole surgery effected during a sojourn in Hawaii resulted in complete recovery of the splendid specimen soon to be before you.

Try out ‘Boy 1904’, which features the buried treasure of the only known recording of the last ever castrato singer. No wonder this music seems beamed in from another time and place.

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