Braid Of Voices by DM Stith

Who: DM Stith from Bloomington, Indiana.

What: While reading The Torture Gardens best songs of 2009, I noticed a name Id seen quite a bit last year, but never got a really good listen to. That was DM Stith and the song Braid Of Voices was #1 on the list. Im not quite ready to crown this song the best of last year, but Ive gotta admit, I regret being late on this one. DM (David) Stith revived his interest in music while living in Brooklyn as a graphic designer and befriending Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond). While facilitating, in small technical ways, the recording of her album Bring Me The Workhorse, this spurred David to begin writing and recording songs of his own in a casual, private affair. Bedroom recordings of sketching folk songs with epic electronic gestures.

His latest full-length is Heavy Ghost (Asthmatic Kitty). Ive just got a taste and ready to dive in.

Song: Braid Of Voices. for fans of Bon Iver or Patrick Watson.