Worldwide Short Film Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of one of Toronto’s/Canada’s/The World’s coolest festivals. Its called The Worldwide Short Film Festival, presented by the Canadian Film Centre. It runs until Sunday with screenings (all over the city) of some of the best short films in the world. I saw a couple last night, the best being a cartoon called ‘Guide Dog’ about a dog and his wish to become a seeing eye dog: a goal which he continually fails at. Really funny, great animation.

On Friday, the festival hosts a segment called ‘Scene Not Herd’. This collection of shorts is mainly a compilation of the coolest and most experimental music videos. This year’s batch has videos from The Darkness, The Heavy Blinkers, Sigur Ros, The Go! Team and Death from Above. 9:15pm, Isabel Bader Theatre.

Also, every year the festival puts together a compilation CD called ‘Short Tracks for Short Films’. Its a collection of short songs, multi-genre, primarily Canadian (maybe all Canadian?). I came across a great tune called ‘Meine Augen’ by Lederhosen Lucil, which I can’t find hosted on the net anywhere!!

  • Last year at Scene Not Herd I saw her video for ‘Semi-sweet’. Check it out.