More On Lou Canon, Cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me”

loucanon2 More On Lou Canon, Cover of The Cures Close To Me

I’m really surprised to find only one post on Toronto’s Lou Canon when I searched the hypemachine for her music.  It was my previous post, introducing this multi-instrumentalist/teacher to the blogosphere with a strong first step in “Heart Of”.  Guess I’m going to have to knock on some doors and see if anyone else hears her talent like I do.

Her self-title album is a 10 -track Hayden-produced record; nine originals and this excellent cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me” (below).  Look for her debut self-titled album on May 10th (iTunes) and a physical release July 12th via Hardwood Records/Universal Music Canada.

Lou Canon – “Close To Me” (Cure Cover)