Soundtrack to our lives

Dick Clark was the robot who first said “Music is the soundtrack of our lives”.

We all associate certain songs we hear to things that we do in our lives.

We wash the car to Huey Lewis.

We get stoned to Pink Floyd.

And we drive aggressively to Belle and Sebastien…..

I’m climbing the CN Tower for charity on Saturday morning. (All pledges received go to help the World Wildlife Foundation arm and train Panda bears to better defend themselves against humans). Last year for the United Way, I got up the tower in 19 minutes and 59 seconds.

So, wanting to beat last year’s benchmark, I’ve put together an 18 minute playlist (or soundtrack) to get me up to the top faster. Here it is.

1. Get Yourself High (featuring K-os) by the Chemical Brothers

2. The Test (featuring Richard Ashcroft) by the Chemical Brothers

3. Right Here, Right Now by Fat Boy Slim

Whoop! Whoop!