Looking For Contributors (again)


Hey folks,

I’m looking for some new blood on Indie Music Filter, do you know of anyone that wants to contribute?

Since this blog started, I’ve been the main writer and contributor (for almost 4000 posts now), with the exception of a few friends and relatives posting a few posts, years back.  Back in February of last year, I posted my original call out for contributors, which landed me some awesome music fans and now great friends, bringing new perspectives to the blog.  Hoping to get as lucky as I did last time, I’m reaching out again.

What am I looking for?  Again, I think I’ll know when I see it.  I want you to get in touch.  Hopefully, you’re obsessed with new music.  Tell me what bands you’re loving right now, tell me why you want to blog on Indie Music Filter.  Also, I’m leaning towards finding someone else in my hometown of Toronto.

Drop me an e-mail.

Keep in mind, I’ve shifted to a format of “To the point track features, videos, quick reviews and streaming playlists”, as it says in my header.  That can be expanded too, but I’m just not looking for essays, people writing to be the “first” to hype a band, or negative reviews.  In this never ending sea of music we are now all connected too, this site is to be a filter, a way to recommend new music that deserves to be heard.

I’ll be going through all the e-mails I received in the past as well and if that was you, don’t hesitate to drop me a line again.

Looking forward to hearing from you,