A Formidable Update

Do I have to come to England to see this band? I hope they’ll try to make it my way soon, I’m itching to see them live. The Joy Formidable haven’t been doing wrong in my eyes, everything new I’ve heard has had me more and more into this band. Recently, they’ve been offering an 8 song album (A Balloon Called Moaning) online at Puregroove which contains a mixture of older songs, re-records and new ones. They’re also releasing a double 7-inch single (called Cradle) via Try Harder Records on Feb. 2nd. Pre-order it here.

Anyone want to help me raise money to get these kids to SXSW? I’ve got $8 CDN to start. Listen to While The Flies while you reach into your wallet. This one really has a YYY‘s vibe, doesn’t it?