Fighting For Justice at The Great Hall

Vice and Rogers threw a party last night at the Great Hall in Toronto. Justice, that other hot French DJ duo, headlined. What a party. Free drinks, free sushi. I felt like I hadn’t left SXSW. Actually, I kind of wondered where they were serving bar-b-que.

Things sounded shaky near the beginning. One of the DJs kept complaining about the sound from the monitor mix while on stage, eventually getting to a point where he threatened to kill the show and walk off the stage. Turns out the DJs missed their sound check earlier that day and their tour manager approved the mix in their spot.

When I thought the night was going to end poorly, they figured out their technical problems and went along with the show. For those expecting all the songs off Cross, we were surprised with a mix of originals, electro-house standards and oldies.

I came across this while surfing today. Justice’s opener off Cross called Genesis, mashed up with the video for Thriller. I totally knew that song sounded like Thriller, works so well!