Living My Life

Atlanta’s Deerhunter have been teasing their fans about their upcoming album Fading Frontier (due to be released this Friday) since August. First, there was “Snakeskin“, a dark yet incredibly funky track; then, there was “Breaker“, exploring a much lighter, drive-along-the-beach-at-sunset kind of sound; finally, the band revealed the single “Living My Life”, together with a video directed by Bradford Cox himself and dedicated to Miles Davis.

I’m still not entirely sure whether “Living My Life” makes me feel happy or sad. There is something serene, almost gleeful about the warm melodies and rhythms that prevail in this song. But there is also a strange sense of loss, the kind of inner loss that you’ve accepted and want to act on but still mourn, wrapped in layers of agitation, nostalgia, fear and hope.