Panther Herpes

So its going to be Stephen Harper eh? We’ll I propose that if we are going to be led by him for the next 4, we can give him a cute little nic name. If you take the letters of Stephen Harper and rearrange them, you can spell Panther Herpes (or check here). Awesome!!

(I was kind of happy there for a moment when I thought I was the first to realize this interesting coincidence, but someone beat me to it.)

Now to music. M83 . From what I know, M83 is the moniker for Anthony Gonzales from Antibes, France. Influenced by Brian Eno, Smashing Pumpkins and Slowdive, M83 creates beautifully massive symphonic masterpieces. On a lot of the tracks you find this delicate balance of random dialogue from a women’s voice intertwined with building, surging crescendos.

He’s got some interesting videos out there as well. Check out ‘America‘.

Still hungry? Check out the track ‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames‘.

If you really want a treat, and its a weird one, try and find a track called ‘Car Chase Terror’. I won’t tell you anything more. Its a doozy.

***M83 is recommended for people looking for that soundtrack to listen to while aimlesly staring out the window of a moving car. It works, really.

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