Here’s something to daydream to….

Check out the song called Cut The Leash by Chairlift. [audio:]

The band originally was formed in Boulder, CO, but now reside in Brooklyn. Between the efforts of Caroline Polachek and Aaron Davis, it really creates a vocal balance heard from such bands/influences as Rilo Kiley, or Earlimart (who the band seem to be big fans of).? They think they sound like synthfolk popcorn. Sure, I can see that right about now…

Go see these kids when you have a chance, shows coming up in the next two months in a few select cities, Toronto included (check their myspace page for dates). And I think there are music videos on the way? Fingers crossed.

Here’s another for you to enjoy. Check out Doves of Summer. [audio:]

I hear a little Sarah McLachlan in the falsetto as the song keeps floating on and looping.. really nice.

Shout out to Ben, thanks for the tip.