Decoder Ring

I have a good reason for not posting. I spent the last 6 days in Austin, TX (also known as Awesome, TX) seeing concerts, eating nachos and drinking bad beer.

  • Top award goes to a beer called Fat Tire. It scored high for having a cool name, but was knocked down to a low score for tasting like its name. I don’t care if it is from Belgium.

And my day to day SXSW report is on the way. I seemed to have left my notes in the office.

I will mention the shiniest gem I heard in Awesome. They are a band from Australia called Decoder Ring.

Its a six piece from Sydney ‘blending analogue synths with indie-rock guitars to create a streamlined electro-rock fusion’. They switch instruments and groove onstage like the Arcade Fire. The lead singer is not only a great ethereal singer, but she is gorgeous. And the band use old film projectors to project short films on to them while they perform.

I checked my right arm while watching them perform ‘Serac‘ and saw goosebumps. Band barometer never lies.

**Interesting thing to note. This band is getting a lot of attention for the scoring work they do. Music for an Aussie-Indie film called ‘Somersault’ by Cate Shortland received not only a standing ovation at Cannes, but won the coveted AFI award.

My advice is to check out the song ‘Fractions‘. Wait for it…. it layers and builds…. layers and builds.

Decoder Ring