Grubby Little Hands

grubby little hands

I took a day off from music yesterday. A trip to the zoo was not only a great way to get a ton of sun on my face and a nice break on my ears.

Knowing that I’d be fighting piles of e-mail today, here’s a post to officially I’m going through it and am back at it. Look for lots of updates this week, post nxne coverage and hopefully a couple new artist discoveries.

My first came in an e-mail starting with the line “Congratulations! You don’t have syphilis!” (no joke), from a Philadelphia band Grubby Little Hands. Going for my funny bone and closely avoiding my instinct to instantly delete what appeared to be spam, I really got into the music of Donnie Felton and Brian Hall. At moments sounding like John Lennon recording in his bedroom, try on ‘Feel In My Back‘. It comes with archivalstock footageas well.

GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS – “FEEL IN MY BACK” from Brian Melton on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for more, check out another of their videos called “Twelve Tones, Two Windows”, video closely resembling my flipcam footage I shot yesterday of floating jellyfish. Both songs are off the bands album Imaginary Friends, which you can stream/download at their virb page.