Menomena Want You To Cross Your Eyes And Look At This


Above is not only the back and front cover of Menomena‘s fourth full-length record Mines, but are slightly different stereographic photos, visible as a three-dimensional single image if you cross your eyes just right. I’ve tried it a couple times. Fun, but my eyes hurt.

The band are offering another track off the record called “Five Little Rooms” on their homepage, in exchange for your e-mail. Mines is outJuly 27th on Barsuk Records (and in Europe July 26th on City Slang).

Sidenote: Using these Topspin widgets is a way to give fans free music, in exchange for adding the fans e-mail to a band database for future mailings. Here’s the problem. If there is nowhere where you can actually stream/hear said free song (like myspace or the widget itself), how can anyone ever know that the track is good enough to outweigh being added to another e-mail database. I’m a fan of the widgets that allow you to at least stream the song before you decide on downloading it and are more likely to embed that kind of content on my site. Just saying.