Last few minutes of free time

I’m currently mapping out my work schedule for October and November and thinking that I’m going to be screwed for free time. I’ll be promoting 5 albums to tv/film/advertising people before the end of the year, not to mention trips to Halifax for Pop and possibly LA in November.

I guess I do like being busy, just hope my posting here doesn’t suffer through that time. (Still trying to keep up with multiple posts per day to work through the flagged e-mail in my inbox, almost there).


-I was on Daytrotter, perusing the amazing amount of sessions from the most interesting indie bands these days. Dave Bazan‘s got some great sounding tracks as well as Glass Ghost, who are very new to me, but their song Like A Diamond keeps purposely coming up on my ipod.

-I read on Pitchfork about Broken Bells: James Mercer (Shins) has teamed up with producer Danger Mouse to form a new band, and not just a record produced by Danger Mouse. Makes me wonder what Broken Bells do and will sound like?

-The good people at Flip have sent me a Minio Flip Camera to integrate into the site. I’m working on creating a video blog for the site, more interviews and live footage. Or a solid youtube stream, which will be here (once I start getting content up).

-I really wish I had attended Caribou‘s recent Toronto show, billed as The Caribou Vibration Ensemble. All reports were glowing. I must have had something really good going on that night. But, I can extrapolate what it might have sounded like by listening to the recording on the Free Music Archive from their ATP-NY performance. That is here.

and that is all.