How To Get Indie Music Filter On Flipboard


I’ve gotta say, I had blog jealousy when I saw this post on the Recommender.  They’ve been included as one of Flipboard‘s recommended feeds, something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while with this blog.  By the way, in case you don’t know about Flipboard, its a pretty awesome application for the iPad that turns your social feeds into a custom made digital magazine.

At this point, they’re not ready to add any new publishers to Flipboard, but hopefully Indie Music Filter will show up sometime in the future.  But, if you’re already a user, there is another way to include content from Indie Music Filter in your social magazine.  Here’s how:

-You can add the Indie Music Filter Twitter feed (@indiemusicfiltr) as a favorite section on Flipboard. Any Twitter Feed or List can be read in Flipboard by simply tapping on the “More” tile and initiating a search in the dialogue box for your Twitter account at the top of our Content Guide.

-Or, Indie Music Filter’s RSS feed should show up in searches on Flipboard via their RSS search partner Blekko.

So there you go.