Resolving My Conflict

I’ve kept repeating that my goal in writing this blog was to always share great music with you.  Generally, that meant there wasn’t any limitations to what I could put up on the site, except if it violated my golden rule.  Via the other hat I wear in the music industry (I guess it’s more of a head), I work with a ton of amazing Canadian and International artists, helping them navigate these crazy synchronization and publishing worlds I’ve been working in for the last 12 years.  I decided long ago that I didn’t want to be “that guy” to hype his own bands, or to manufacture my own buzz for an artist I was pitching, even if it was a song that was a perfect fit for the blog.  It just never really sat right with me, so I held back from posting and did my best to help them succeed in the industry I called my day job.

Today, I’m revisiting this rule as things have changed (or are in the process of changing) and I now don’t really see that same conflict anymore for some of these artists.   Better late than never, lets catch up on a few gems which should have made the site long ago.

Folly & the Hunter are an indie-folk foursome from Montreal, who’s 2013 album “Tragic Care” is absolutely stunning.  Fans of Patrick Watson, The Middle East and sombre falsetto melodies with orchestrated swells and builds will love this record.  A few folks in the blogosphere picked this up when it came out, but I feel like these songs could have gone so much further.

If you’re new to this band, a great way to start is with “Ghost”, then head further to watch a fan made video for “Mask”.   Also, they’ve got a new record coming out soon, stay tuned for more on that.