Catch Up Post: MGMT, Two Julians, Dodos, Japandroids, Atlas Sound

So much to mention, I’ll get to it.

RCRD LBL has a recently remastered version of MGMT’s ‘Destrokk’ from the Time To Pretend EP.

Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas is set to release a solo record called ‘Phrazes For The Young’. Head here for a preview. Or watch the vid.

-Speaking of Julians and prominent NY bands, Interpol front-man Paul Banks (aka Julian Plenti) has a couple new songs out there. Check Stereogum or his homepage.

-The new Dodos album leaked on to the net 2 months before the street date, so the band decided to put it online to stream. I haven’t had the chance to sit down with the whole record, but I’m warming up the the third track ‘Fables’, which P4k has online.

-Back to Stereogum, they have the song ‘Wet Hair’ by Japandoids on The Gum Drop. Have you signed up for this yet?

-There’s a new Atlas Sound song floating around featuring Panda Bear, titled Walkabout. This just made my summer mix.

-And Ghostly are really forward looking. Check out their iPhone app. Very cool.

Ghostly Discovery from miguel on Vimeo.