The Jealous Girlfriends

I think I know why I was drawn to this band when I first heard them. I pay attention to what kind of music is making on to our tv sets these days. Not only to discover new bands, but it helps me do my day job better. Kind of like market research.

The Jealous Girlfriends from New York have definitely been noticed in this realm of the music industry, having placed songs in uber popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami and New York as well as the L Word. There’s good reason for this. Not only are their songs are written as musical daydreams for losing yourself in, the words and vocals overtop haunt you. Sometimes Holly Miranda’s (Vocals/guitar) vocals sound a little Feisty, or like Canada’s Jenn Grant, but unlike those two, the band is more rock ala YYY‘s. Alex Lipson (Keys/Synth/Bass Module), Josh Abbott (Guitar/Vocals) and Mike Fadem (Drums) are the other 75% of the band.

Look for their self-titled (Good Fences) debut to hit the stores April 22nd. As well, think there might be a Daytrotter session on its way, keep your ears peeled for that one. As well, the band is on the road, US and Canadian dates with Sea Wolf and Nada Surf (myspace).

Here’s Secret Identity.

Was just thinking back to SXSW, I think these guys where my favorite band that I saw…..