“PDA” by Day Wave and Hazel English (Interpol Cover)

Day Wave and Hazel English present new song, “PDA.” The duo spearhead the lo-fi, sun-drenched, DIY and dreamy indie-rock sound bursting out of the Bay Area, California, and although Day Wave has been Hazel English‘s longtime producer, they have never before officially featured on the same song. Taking note from the forebearers of classic US indie and in memoriam of their youth spent as devout teenage indie heads, the duo finally came together to record their own version of Interpol’s classic PDA – from the debut album Turn On The Bright Lights which turned 15 in September this year.

Speaking on his admiration of Interpol, Day Wave says, “I remember first hearing Turn On The Bright Lights when I was 14. I was blown away. And for me the immediate stand out was PDA. I’ve been playing the song on repeat ever since. I never thought of attempting to cover it until recently, it was almost too important to me. But having been so influential for me, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to the album.”

Hazel English spoke on her experience making the track, “Listening to Interpol really takes me back to my teenage years and I had a really fun time covering PDA with Day Wave.