Heavens To Purgatory

Skimming music. Some days I’m good at it. Others? I end up missing out on great songs. Fact is, I don’t have time to listen to the full version of every song that comes into the inbox. I generally skim the mp3, look for interesting parts of the song, musical snippets that fit with the stuff I like to post here. When I do miss a great song, I find that other blogs I check will post it, and I’ll generally, most likely give it another chance. Today I almost passed on Heavens To Purgatory by Milton, Ontario’s The Most Serene Republic. Gotta say it was the lyrics near the beginning of the song (think they are saying Gadzooks in harmony). Glad I stuck in there to see how the song progressed. Cool track, killer chorus. Interesting part at 2:18, seems like a channel is ‘switched on’ midway through a bar to add even more substance to the chorus.

This young sextept is back with their third full-length (…And The Ever Expanding Universe) out July 14th on Arts & Crafts. Look for them on the road starting in June, NXNE and you can get the single from the bands’ website here.