Woah! I came across The Delta Riggs and their song “America” (below) after reading their ridiculously quirky bio.  Aptly titled “How To Write A Band Bio” we find the boys giving us a detailed outline of the usual humdrum list of pointers and answers that bands are prompted to follow.  Obviously I was hooked? Cheeky buggers.

This handfull of five are gaining traction quickly after the release of their debut album HEX.LOVER.KILLER.  The somewhat eccentric versions of Jet and The Vines, TDR is fronted by Elliot Hammond who floats between the harmonica, organ, lead vocal and drums (he also plays percussion and organ for Wolftmother).  Instant on-repeater. go go go!

Plus: We’re so sweetly giving here, below find the entire debut album available to stream. I know, I know!