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heypenny Currently Listening To: Heypenny

This song “Water” is killer. The drums take garage pop through to warp speed, that is until the songs refrains for a perfectly placed Voodoo Chile-ish breakdown.  The track comes from Nashville, TN’s Heypenny, who in 2005 turned a lot of heads with the debut (Use These Spoons), prompting a move to music city.  After ‘cycling through percussion personnel that would leave Spinal Tap awestruck’, Heypenny have solidified their lineup (featuring Aaron Distler, DJ Murphy and James Wallace) for their own brand of bouncing twee pop/DC-inspired spazz punk.  The result is A Jillion Kicks, a record that ‘weaves danceable garage crunch, anthemic choruses, with energetic urgency’.  If they all sound like “Water“, then we’ve got a winner.