New Juan Maclean video ‘One Day’

‘One Day’ by The Juan Maclean

Remember that VHS tape that went around in the movie ‘The Ring’? This video appeared later on in the footage and when played, John (Juan) Maclean and Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem) would bust through your television screen and force you to dance. From the sophomore album ‘The Future Will Come’ (April 14th, DFA), here’s ‘One Day’.

With the help of DFA label mates Gerry Fuchs (formerly of !!!), Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel (both of Holy Ghost!), and, of course, Nancy, Juan was able to put together album full of surprises. Book ended with two 2008 club hits, The Simple Life and Happy House, that set the stage for the release of ‘The Future Will Come‘. Getting some good spins here.

While we’re posting videos here, let’s head back to my favorite Juan Maclean track, ‘Give Me Every Little Thing’.