People In Planes

Normally The Horseshoe never gets more that half full on a Nu Music Tuesday night. And its nice to be able to stroll around the bar and talk to the same faces you see every week.

This past Tuesday was a zoo.

In Flight Safety opened, played well and drew the most by my count. Field Guide (from Hamilton) rocked as well. My only concern, the guitarist overdid rock/conversational head shaking. (See ‘School of Rock‘).

People in Planes played the midnight slot. Met one of these guys in Texas last year at the SXSW music festival. Got their demo, liked it, then lost it.

They played really well live (even when all the stage lights mysteriously went out for a minute). I was expecting the Phantom to show up…..

Check out the track “For Miles Around”. For some reason I think it sounds like a Trews and Muse hybrid. Trews and Muse, that rhymes.

Also noticed on thier media page that one of their videos was directed by Joaquin Phoenix. Interesting.

People In Planes