I’ll have a Hudson Mohawke, a Princeton and a Sea Wolf

They just sounded like drinks when you put them next to each other.

A Hudson Mohawke would be served at Pitchfork bar in the form of a ‘Rising 5‘; a sick blend of funky synths, syncopated drums and promise from this Glaswegian. Check the teaser track from his upcoming Butter LP (out October 13).

A Princeton can be sipped at club KCRW in a ‘Shout It Out‘ glass. Best tasted on sunny afternoons next to the pool, this one’s a great follow up to the ‘Calypso Gold‘, featured on Indie Music Filter Volume 6.

You’d pick up a Sea Wolf at his myspace. Full of ‘Wicked Blood’, this drink is lush, full of flavor and best shared with friends. The album opener off White Water, White Bloom, to me sounds like that Arcade Fire song that doesn’t need to reach a catastrophic build to stand alone.