New Sebastien Grainger EP

On June 10th, Sebastien Grainger and The Mountains will release American Names (Outside), digital EP and 7″. The digital EP will be exclusive to iTunes Canada and will also be available for purchase at upcoming shows in the form of a poster with a unique code that will give access to the download.

Pretty cool.

How far off are we from a day when you can hear a song, think the word ‘purchase’, have it debit the chip in your head and download it to your cerebral cortex? Any day now.

Last time I wrote about Sebastien was almost a year ago. Since then, he’s hit the studio for this EP (giving it the ‘wall of sound’ effect) and assembled the touring band to pull it off live. The former drummer and vocalist of Death For Above 1979 has enlisted the help of friends Leon Taheny of Germans, Nick Sewell of the Illuminati and Andrew Scott of The Meligrove Band and The Bicycles. Still getting good opening slots as well. This guys has been sharing stages with (Bloc Party, Albert Hammond Jr., Metric).

Been listening to the EP and there is definitely a stand-out. A new version of Are There Ways To Come Home?, shortened to Ways To Come Home. Its sick, love it.